Running MX scans and locating MX files

Starting MX programs

All MX scans can be started from the SCAN section of the main BioCAT beamline control GUI. See user documentation on BioCAT software for more details.

MX databases and directories

When you launch a scan, MX reads several database files to get information about beamline motors and scans. The main database files are:
motor1.dat or motor2.dat is used depending on your choice of Mono-1 or Mono-2 respectively when you start the scan programs. All of these files are READ ONLY, i.e. MX cannot change them. These files are common for all user's accounts.

In addition to the above database files each user's account maintains a file

(for example, /home/biocat/MOTOR/18id_scan.dat).
This file contains a copy of main scan.dat plus all the changes made by user during MX session. It is overwritten each time you exit MX scan programs.

ATTENTION: Both CLI and GUI (command line interface and graphical user interface, respectively) versions of MX use the same 18id_scan.dat. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are not running several copies of MX scan programs at the same time. This restriction does not apply to beamline control and optimization programs based on MX.

The working directory for MX programs is

-- i.e. it is the same directory where 18id_scan.dat is stored. All the data acquired with the help of MX programs can be found in this directory.

For more detailed or latest information on the location of MX files consult the following files:

The above listed scripts are used to launch MX programs from the main BioCAT beamline control GUI.

Adding new motors to MX database

The MX motors database can be modified by BioCAT staff only. Use any system editor like vi, nedit, dtpad, etc. You may need to obtain write privileges for these files.

Most of records in motor1.dat and motor2.dat coincide and only those are different that refer to Mono-1 and Mono-2 respectively. Therefore, adding new motors, do not forget to synchronize the changes in both of the files.

ATTENTION: Do not rename or delete old motors. Some of existing scans in the files scan.dat or 18id_scan.dat may contain references to these motors and MX will not start in the case if any motors referred from the scan database are missing.