Bio-CAT Workshop

Bldg. 401, A1100 Conference Room

October 9, 2001


6:00pm-6:20pm Introduction and Highlights T. Irving
6:20pm-6:35pm Molecular Mechanism of Length-dependent Activation in Striated Muscle P. deTombe
6:35pm-6:50pm Bent Laue Analyzer for Dilute Fluorescence XAFS G. Bunker
6:50pm-7:10pm Flow Devices and Applications for Time-resolved XAFS at BioCAT K. Zhang
7:10pm-7:30pm Rapid Room-Temperature EXAFS Measurement of Redox-Sensitive Metalloproteins T. Weng
7:30pm-7:45pm Ab-Initio Debye-Waller Factors for Multiple Scattering EXAFS of Metalloproteins G. Bunker
7:45pm-8:05pm Small Angle Solution Scattering at BioCAT N. Menhart
8:05pm-8:20pm Progress toward Direct Method of EXAFS Data Analysis G. Bunker
8:20pm-9:30pm Reception and BioCAT Tour