BioCAT - First Light achieved within two years

On Tuesday September 23, 1997 we received monochromatic light into our experimental hutch (D-enclosure), and shielding was verified for safety by the APS. Gerd Rosenbaum and Hugh Huxley were on hand for our small celebration, which was gratifying, considering their work building the first hard x-ray beamline for muscle scattering at DESY nearly 30 years ago started this whole synchrotron radiation enterprise.

We achieved first light within two years of the start of our grant funding, as promised. I think this sets a record, particularly for a beamline as complete as it is. We would not have been able to do this without the help and cooperation of the BioCAT Advisory Committee: Jim Viccaro (Chairman), Charles Coulter, Ed Lattman, Jim Penner-Hahn, Dale Sayers, Bill Thomlinson, Ed Westbrook. We extend our sincere thanks to this group.

The BioCAT and APS staff have worked *very* hard to get us to this point. We have been very grateful to have been allowed access to Gerd Rosenbaum's optical designs for the Structural Biology Center (SBC), courtesy of Ed Westbrook, and we have benefited much from work with Larry Rock Automation Associates, and collaborations with the Center for Synchrotron Radiation Research and Instrumentation (CSRRI) at IIT; we have also been fortunate to be able to draw on the expert staff from various groups at ANL, particularly ECT and Central Shops. I also would like to thank my colleagues at IIT (especially Tim Morrison, and Carlo Segre for their help in getting the project funded), Allen Blaurock of Kraft General Foods, and my former research associate Pat Bandyopadhyay who helped me hold the project together in the early days, when the project seemed quixotic at best. Much of the intellectual momentum for the facility grew out of our work in Philadelphia at Britton Chance's ISFS/Biostructure's Institute. Finally, I would like to acknowledge Rich Korszun's role in originally planting the seeds for this project.

Grant Bunker, Director