Message from the former Director, Grant Bunker

I am pleased to report that the BioCAT project has been renewed and the beamline is performing well. After considerable reflection I have decided it is a good time to refocus my efforts on several scientific and R&D projects and educational activities that require more of my effort to bring to fruition. To better focus on these matters I have decided to resign as Director of BioCAT, and further to divest myself of all BioCAT management responsibilities, except as they pertain to several core projects. As of June 2001, Tom Irving has assumed the role of BioCAT Director. I am confident that Tom's energy, enthusiasm, and expertise will serve the community well, particularly with the advice of the dedicated members of the BioCAT advisory committee who have helped make this project a success.

The timing for this transition is good: we have been renewed for three more years, the undulator beamline is complete, and by all accounts it is an excellent facility; so I have achieved my goal when I started on this project ten years ago, following seven years working to develop and run the biostructures facility x9 at the NSLS. After 17 years developing facilities for the benefit of the non-crystalline diffraction and XAFS communities, I feel it is appropriate to spend more of my own time making use of them, and also pursuing other scientific directions as a member of the BioCAT community.

Best wishes

Grant Bunker