FiberNet/BioCAT Fiber Diffraction Workshop
October 15-17, 2009
Advanced Photon Source, Argonne, IL


Gerald Stubbs, Vanderbilt University
Tom Irving, BioCAT and Illinois Institute of Technology
Joseph Orgel, BioCAT and Illinois Institute of Technology
Paul Langan, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Olga Antipova, BioCAT and Illinois Institute of Technology
Robert Henning, BioCARS and University of Chicago
Nick Terrill, DIAMOND Light Source


Program Information


Data Collection Workshop
featuring the BioCAT and BioCARS fiber diffraction instruments


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Sponsored By
FiberNet research coordination network in fiber diffraction from biological polymers and assemblies
BioCAT The Biophysics collaborative Access Team at the APS: an NIH-supported research center for the study of the structure and dynamics of partially ordered biological systems