Expensive Hardware Lobbing

Welcome Space Sports fans! As you are well aware, Earth is currently the underdog in the solar system division in the Expensive Hardware Lob (overseen by the Planetary Satellite League). For every piece of hardware that returns useful information from the Lobbee's planet, the Lobber scores a point. For every piece of hardware sucessfully thwarted by the Lobbee (secret agent LGMs [two to a trenchcoat], IPBMs, "lasers", blowing sand in the lens, etc...), they score a point.

For a good background of how the game is played, visit JPL's Rulebook.

And now, the scoreboard:

Earth at: Mercury Venus Mars Pluto
Current Score: 0:2 18:25 20:20 New Game
Next Play Dates:   2010? In Play In Play

Click the host planet's name for details.

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