Contact BioCAT

If you have questions regarding our facility that are not adequately answered on this website, please feel free to contact us.

Main Phone Numbers

Office: 630-252-0549
Experiment Floor: 630-252-1818

Mailing Address

BioCAT, Argonne National Laboratory
APS/ Sector 18/ 435B
9700 South Cass Ave.
Argonne, IL 60439-4860

Scientific Contacts

Fiber and Muscle Diffraction:

  • Weikang Ma


  • Jesse Hopkins
  • Max Watkins


  • Jesse Hopkins

Technical Contacts


  • Mark Vukonich - Chief Safety Lead: General, Biological and Chemical
  • Tom Irving - General
  • Rick Heurich - Electrical and Mechanical
  • Weikang Ma - Laser


  • Mark Vukonich


  • Mark Vukonich

Equipment Design:

  • Rick Heurich


  • Carrie Clark

Mailing List

BioCAT has a mailing list for users and prospective users where we make occasional (<1 per week) announcements about BioCAT news, upcoming workshops, avaialble beamtime, and our SAXS coffee hour. New users are automatically added to the mailing list, but you can also sign up here.


Carrie Clark

Executive Administrator

Richard Heurich

Beamline Engineer

Dr. Jesse Hopkins

Deputy Director

Prof. Thomas Irving

Director, PI

Dr. Bill Lavender

Software Engineer

Dr. Weikang Ma

Beamline Scientist, Fiber/Muscle

Mark Vukonich

User Support Specialist

Dr. Max Watkins

Beamline Scientist