Sector Orientation for BioCAT, Sector 18 - page 1

If you have questions regarding our facility that are not adequately answered on this website, please feel free to ask questions.


This is part one of a two-part sector orientation. Please read through the following slides carefully. They contain valuable information about the rules and safety features you need to be aware of in your upcoming experience at BioCAT, Sector 18. At the conclusion, you will be asked to verify that you have read and understood all of this material and you will have to take a short quiz. You are responsible for understanding everything in this orientation and working within the bounds of what is in your ESAF, so if you do not understand something, please ask!

Part two of your orientation will include a brief tour and verification of operational procedures with a member of the BioCAT Staff. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this material at any time during your stay.

Upon arrival, no one may start work at BioCAT or be allowed in either the Hutches or the Wet-Lab until the following conditions are met:

  1. Users must take all required APS Safety Courses designated by the ESAF and BioCAT staff.
  2. BioCAT staff must confirm that that all users present match the user list in the ESAF and that all training modules have been taken. If any users are absent or are additional, they must be added or subtracted electronically by BioCAT staff. Absent users should be marked as ‘off-site’. BioCAT staff must then administer the Sector-Specific Orientation (Sector Orientation) and obtain signed sheets from users.
  3. The ESAF must be printed and verified as to the accuracy of scope and materials included within.
  4. Finally, a floor coordinator must arrive to meet and be physically present to authorize users to initiate work and post the ESAF.
If your ESAF is not posted, you may not begin any work in any of the BioCAT Designated Areas.