BioCAT is offering its second MuscleX workshop. The Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT) is funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH) with its mission to operate state-of-the-art x-ray facilities for the study of the structure and dynamics of biological systems under non-crystalline conditions similar to their functional states in living tissues. We will have a series of introductory presentations of the scientific missions supported at BioCAT as well as a series of talks highlighting recent muscle studies using x-ray diffraction and scattering.

The workshop will take place from 5/20/21 to 5/21/21 and is entirely virtual (via BlueJeans). See the schedule below for details.


All participants this year will be remote participants. There is no cost associated with the workshop, but registration is required for administrative purposes.

How to register

Registration is OPEN

You can register using this link:

Registration deadline: April 30th 2021.

For registration questions, please contact Carrie Clark (

More information

Workshop topics:

  • Introduction to BioCAT
  • Introduction to muscle x-ray diffraction capabilities at BioCAT
  • Introduction of solution small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) and its application to muscular proteins
  • Science highlights from recent muscle studies using x-ray diffraction and scattering

If you have questions, please contact Weikang Ma (

Confirmed speakers:

  • Thomas Irving (BioCAT, APS)
  • Weikang Ma (BioCAT, APS)
  • Srinivas Chakravarthy (BioCAT, APS)
  • Elisabetta Brunello (King’s College London)
  • Henk Granzier (U Arizona Tucson)
  • Cameron Hill (King’s College London)
  • Raúl Padrón (U Mass Medical School)
  • Momcilo Prodanovic (U. Kragujevac, Serbia)
  • Coen Ottenheijm (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Massimo Reconditi (U Florence)
  • Mike Regnier (U Washington Seattle)

Tentative schedule

Note: All times are Central Daylight Time (UTC-5)

Thursday 5/20/21

09:30 am Welcome and introduction to BioCAT Thomas Irving
09:50 am Muscle x-ray diffraction program at BioCAT Weikang Ma
10:30 am X-ray diffraction studies on intact cardiac muscle Elisabetta Brunello
11:10 am X-ray diffraction studies on mouse skeletal muscle Henk Granzier
11:50 am Break  
12:20 pm SAXS and its application to muscle proteins Srinivas Chakravarthy
01:00 pm X-ray diffraction studies on tarantula skeletal muscle Raúl Padrón
01:40 pm Modulation of contractility by dATP Mike Regnier
02:20 pm End of day 1  

Friday 5/21/21

09:30 am Modeling of x-ray patterns by MUSICO Momcilo Prodanovic
10:10 am Length dependent activation in porcine myocardium Weikang Ma
10:50 am X-ray diffraction studies on human muscle biopsies Coen Ottenheijm
11:30 am Temperature effects on thick filament structure Massimo Reconditi
12:10 pm Time-resolved x-ray experiments on mouse EDL muscle Cameron Hill
12:30 pm End