BioCAT is offering its third MuscleX workshop. The Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT) is funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH) with its mission to operate state-of-the-art x-ray facilities for the study of the structure and dynamics of biological systems under non-crystalline conditions similar to their functional states in living tissues. We will have an introductory presentation of the scientific missions supported at BioCAT as well as a series of talks highlighting recent muscle studies either using X-ray diffraction or other structural techniques.

The workshop will take place from 5/18/23 to 5/19/23 and will be entirely virtual (via Zoom). See the schedule below for details.


All participants this year will be remote participants. There is no cost associated with the workshop, but registration is required for administrative purposes.

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Workshop topics:

  • Introduction to scientific mission at BioCAT
  • 10 -12 Scientific presentations from recent muscle studies using x-ray diffraction and/or other structural techniques including the following topics:
    • Thick filament-based regulation
    • New insights into thin filament regulation
    • Titin and muscle regulation
    • MyBPC and regulation of thick and thin filaments
    • Translational studies on structural bases of muscle diseases

If you have questions, please contact Weikang Ma (