To promote the use of two NIH P30 Centers that are National Resources for the study of striated muscle; the Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT: funded by NIGMS) at Argonne National Laboratory and the Center for Translational Muscle Research (CTMR: funded by NIAMS) are offering Multiscale Structural and Functional Studies for Striated Muscle workshop following the Myofilament Meeting in Madison Wisconsin.

The goal of this workshop is to inform investigators about the resources and expertise that these two Centers can provide, and to discuss what other resources and services would be most useful. The workshop will take place on May 24th from 1:30 pm to 4 pm at Madison Monona Terrace. See the schedule below for details.


There is no cost associated with the workshop, but registration is highly encouraged for administrative purposes. How to register:

For questions, please contact Weikang Ma ( or Michael Regnier (

Tentative schedule, May 24th 2022

1:30 pm Introduction to CTMR - Mike Regnier
1:50 pm Scientific missions of BioCAT - Weikang Ma
2:15 pm Break + Open Discussion
2:30 pm Modeling protein structure dynamics with MD simulations - Matt Childers
3:00 pm Study of thick filament-based regulation mechanisms with X-ray diffraction - Weikang Ma
3:30 pm Spatially-explicit, multi-filament kinetic modeling of sarcomers - Travis Tune
4:00 pm Open discussion